With you we are stronger!

By becoming a member of the APT, you can join the movement to put an end to the persistent attacks on the human rights and dignity of people detained in prisons, police cells, psychiatric hospitals, migrant detention centres etc.

The APT was founded by a small group of individuals, under the leadership of Jean-Jacques Gautier. They were shocked by the prevailing existence of torture around the world and decided to make a difference.

It is thanks to their commitment, passion and ability to mobilise support for their ideas that we today have national, regional and international systems to prevent torture and other forms of ill-treatment.

Becoming a member

Members of the APT get a privileged access to the organisation. They receive regular updates on our work and on the developments in torture prevention worldwide. They can also participate in our events and in the annual General Assembly meeting.

To apply for membership, please contact m...@apt.ch

The annual membership fee is 100 CHF, which can be paid through secured on-line transaction here:

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Already a member?

Members who would like to be more closely involved in the work of the APT are welcome to contact us at any time or to visit us at the Centre Jean-Jacques Gautier.